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Maraul Bulldogs




Bulldogs of Distinction


Retired Dogs


Below are Photos of  our very special Bullies that were at one time in our breeding program. They are now in loving wonderful homes and are the King and Queens in each of their worlds.

Although it is heart breaking for us to let these wonderful dogs leave us, we know each of them are so very happy in their forever homes. And their happiness is what is most important.

Thank You so much to all the special people who have given these special dogs such wonderful homes!



Marina is now living as the ONLY bulldog with her new people. She is a very sweet girl, loves to cuddle and be with her people all the time. She also loves to play. We miss her a lot but know she is in a wonderful home!!




Gidgit is a wonderful girl and is now living in the lap of  luxury with "HER" people.

Gidgit has a gorgeous head and jaw, wonderful bone, spring of rib and great movement. Marta is her daughter and has inherited many of Gidgits wonderful traits

















Ariel  was one of our first Bulldogs. She was Ricks girl and now is retired. She is BJ's mom and also the mother of many special bullies.

Ariels strengths are her head and Jaw, and of course her wonderful personality.









A Granddaughter to CH Kelloe Max

Lucy is a clown. She thinks she is a lab, jumping in the air and chasing balls. Lucy has the beautiful classic head, and jaw, nice roach and short in body. Lucy now is living the life of luxary with her brother Fonzi !!






Zeus is now the King of his world. His people take him all over the place with them. He gets to hang out in the RV and also in the lake house.  His people know he is special.

Zeus has a beautiful head and jaw, wonderful spring of rib and  structures.

We have the honor of babysitting Zeus !